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HydroBlock SB


Product Description:

HydroBlock SB is a unique product based on a desolved siloxanepolymer for the maintenance of rooftiles, surfaces of limestone, concrete, bricks and others.

HydroBlock SB penetrates the surface and builds a chemical bond to the material enhancing and protecting it, by making it dirt and waterresistant.


The surface must be clean, dry and sustainable. New surfaces can be treated right away.
Older surfaces or surfaces which are very dirty or overgrown must be treated with Iso A-clean prior to the treatment with HydroBlock SB. When the surface is
visibly dry and feels dry after about 24 hours the treatment with HydroBlock SB can take place.

HydroBlock SB  is applied to the clean and dry surface in adequate amounts using a brush, roller or spray.

Usually one application is enough, if you want to make a second application it must be done within 1 hour of the first application or else the first layer of  HydroBlock SB will block the next treatment.

Recommendation: Always make a test coat to ensure the compatability of product and surface. 

Technical Data:

Composition: Siloxane polymers desolved in white spirit.
Density: 0,8 g/ml
Spreading rate: Appr. 5-10 m²/l regarding the material.
Dilution: Ready for use.
Drying time: 1-2 hours by 20°C and 60% RH.
Application conditions: The temperature must be 5°C - 30 °C and max. 80% RH.
Application method: Brush, roller or spray.
Cleaning: White spirit
Storage: Cool, and out the reach of children.

HydroBlock SB

HydroBlock SB


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